Outbound Public Relations

Ever wonder how some professionals or companies are regularly quoted by the media, get interviewed, or author expert articles? Most likely, they are working with an agency the offers Public Relations Services like us that creates the visibility and credibility that increases revenue.

Public Relations Outreach
This is how we create visibility and credibility for our clients!

    • Make Your News the News — We use media pitches and press release to generate attention for newsworthy events, such as completed deals, new products and services, and more.
    • Professional Authority Building – We build professional authority by positioning published bylined articles – articles listing our clients as the author. After publication, we leverage the piece by posting it on our clients website and distribute it through email and social media.
    • Become An Expert Spokesperson – We increase our clients visibility by getting them featured into the news stream as an expert spokesperson, this is a resource for journalists looking for industry specific experts to add commentary on current news, trends, and more.
    • Speaking Engagements – Many of our client are searching for speaking opportunities, we help our clients secure speaking engagements at college, trade shows etc.