9 December 2013
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Events Should Be An Important Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Any successful business owner will tell you how important a solid content marketing campaign is for their continued growth. A consistent, informative social media schedule coupled with a personable and transparent public face can go a long way in establishing trust.

The information age is amazing, but it has its negative side. It is now easier than ever to hide behind technology. Step out from behind your computer and engage your audience!

Planning events should be an important part of your plan. It gives you the opportunity to interface with real people. Real people who care enough about your business to show up in person! Show them your appreciation. Give them a reason to thank themselves for coming.

During the event, take pictures. Afterward, write a blog post about how wonderful the event was and how pleased you were to have the opportunity to connect with the wonderful people you did. Follow through and encourage other happy attendees to do the same. Voilà, if you played your cards right, you have some honest-to-goodness buzz! Spread the word via social media and you should have more people at your next event, and even more at the next.

See how that worked? You planned an event to provide important content to your audience and you’ve generated more great content in the process! Full circle.

Sure, getting people there in the first place holds some challenges. Hard work will be needed, especially for your inaugural event. But hard work begets success. Find a way to interact with the people you believe have a good chance of attending- it goes a long way in establishing a valuable relationship. Encourage those people to leave suggestions and comments about the event. Use the feedback to customize the event for those you know will be there. Send some reminders, via email of by phone. Offer perks for early adopters. Most of all- let your audience know you are listening!

Joseph Lekkas operates PHILAmarketing, a PR, event planning and social media marketing firm in Philadelphia, PA.  PHILAmarketing is a preferred partner of Accularis Marketing Solutions.

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