12 November 2013
Online Marketing
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Digital Advertising with Apps

The game is changing in the advertising world. Today, mobile phones are becoming what personal computers were in the 90’s. There is no need to be tied to your home any longer to stay connected as we all know. With this said advertising has also adapted to the mobile world.

Blog Image - "iPhone"App advertising is a leading way to get your brand in everyone’s hand – literally. As more and more apps are being created, the creators are selling advertising space. Below we will look at four advertising platforms.

1. Admoda

Is a self serving marketplace in mobile advertising that serves billions of mobile ads per month. You can sign up for free to see the inventory that is available by country and rate.

2. Media Brix

Helps brands engage their prospects using breakthrough moments in social and mobile gaming. Breakthrough moments are the point in a game where you clear a level or level up. Their data states that, “Currently, half of the U.S. population between the ages of 18 and 44 plays social games daily”.


Is a Google owned company that allows you to advertise through Google Adwords into the ADMOB network which has over 300,000 apps available. Visit Google Adwords Mobile Advertising Instructions to learn how to display your Google Adword ads through Mobile Apps.

4. Mmedia

Offers the ability to target your mobile audience by location, operating system and device type. They offer a dashboard where you can track your campaigns progress, set spending budgets and tag you ads. They have tens of thousands mobile sites and apps in their network.

Digital Advertising is still in it’s infancy and will continue to expand and change. At Accularis Marketing Solutions, we help create Brands by using traditional and digital marketing solutions. If you would like help with App Advertising or would like to find out how we can help you create or promote your brand please Contact Us.

Joseph Welusz
Joseph Welusz is a Managing Partner at Accularis a New Jersey Marketing Company

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